Jay Chevery returns to host at the QWACKFEST Festival in Rougemont and Saguenay.

Credit: Canopée Médias

Credit: Canopée Médias

Ensuring the host of the QWACK Battles during the first festival in Saguenay in 2018, Jay Chevery will be back for the 2 editions of 2019.

The QWACK Battles, a culinary competitions and mixologies, will feature 2 chefs and 2 mixologists who will compete LIVE for a friendly competition in front of the public.

The QWACKFEST foodies festival will begin this year their 7th and 8th edition with a program, featuring Alaclair Ensemble on august 24th in Rougemont, QC and KAIN on september 14th at La Baie, QC.

For more details: qwackfest.ca