The MAJYC Moment Company


Summer 2016

With a few weeks notice to co-producing a luxury red carpet meet-up sold out event for a Web personality influencer, was the moment MAJYC saw the day of his first event. Through the years, the company surrounded himself with a network of top leader collaborators in the entertainment industry to provide creative entertainment and professional event solutions.

Working closely with artists, The MAJYC Moment Agency was created to better serve our clients and providing a quality humain personalized talent management with our in-house talents and our performing artists network.

Creative entertainment incubator, event solutions packages, network of unbelievable passionate artists, MAJYC Moment quickly get involved with notorious brands and famous evenings.

The most beautiful emotion is to see the smile on people’s faces. Today, we need more of these moments that bring people together.

It is a feeling and a human warmth that can not be explained, but which is totally magical
— Jay Chevery

The founder

Jay Chevery grew up in a family environment where parties, music and dance was a regular spirit.

After performing on stage for the first time at the age of 11, Jay spent his youth by doing parties for elementary schools, proms and after proms.

Making himself known despite his young age, at 19, Jay receive the mandate to host and produce the afterparty of the TV reality show, Loft Story 2 (Quebec version of Big Brother) for the production team and the candidates.

Aiming to be a top entertainer, Jay Chevery became one of the greatest MC in the Montreal’s nightlife before acting as a master of ceremonies for weddings and corporate events.

Jay Chevery soon get involved in front of the camera into Web, television, movie, series and modeling projects. Besides on getting involved as hosting, producing or stage directing on high-end productions such as red carpet and event premiere. He rapidly increase his youthful knowledge of an event production.

With more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Jay Chevery founded MAJYC Moment, where any scale enterprise would benefit a professional elegant creativity for their event.